Current Corner Track vol. 1!

current corner track 1


Hello everyone and happy new year again from DJ BRUAEL at The Beat Corner. I do apologize for anyone that was expecting part three of my DJ software series but don’t fret that is coming tomorrow!

Today however I’m extremely excited to debut a new feature on the corner called Current Corner Track! This is the counterpart to classic corner track. I figured it’s about time I gave some love to some of the really good and maybe underrated music that is coming out today.

Today in the inaugural current corner track we have the incomparable Frank Ocean. For those few of you that are unaware of Frank Ocean he’s probably one of the more exciting acts to come out of the US R&B/Hip-Hop scene in the last few years. His full-length debut “Channel Orange”, which came out in 2012, topped a heap of “best of” lists that year. The leadoff track “thinkin’ bout you” was one of the highlights of that album. Australia’s Motez recently did a remix of the song and it’s what lead to the current corner track today. Finally enough this remix came into my life as I was with my girl looking for a wedding gift at the local shopping centre and it instantly got stuck in my head. I couldn’t shazam it fast enough! I really like the direction he took with this track, very different energy from the original.

I think it’s time to stop talking and time to start the listening! Enjoy Motez and his remix of Frank Ocean’s ¬†thinkin’ bout you.


Keep cornering on,



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