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Daft punk

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Last week was the 56th annual Grammy Awards. Now some of you may or may not care for current trends in music. But what was interesting was the continued rise of what is now called “electronic dance music” or EDM in North America. In 2011 it was Skrillex winning a grammy here and 2012 it was Calvin Harris another grammy for minor categories. But this year, the francophone duo Daft Punk managed to snag both the album of the year and the record of the year and claim the EDM throne, so to speak.

T’was very ironic coming from a group that purposely went against the trend of everyone else last year and released a disco record!

This week, I’ve decided to shed some light on their latest album “Random Access Memories” which was released last year. Enlisting the help of everyone from Nile Rogers (from the group Chic), Giorgio Mordoer, Julian Casablancas to Pharrell Williams, the album was a meticulously crafted piece of art that we don’t really hear anymore. I mean this album was produced so well, and sounded so good and so much more…professional than anything else I’ve heard in recent years.

One of my favourite tracks on the album funny enough is the one that does’t emulate the disco sound. In fact, its the one song that breaks the mold of the others. It is the epic closing track entitled “Contact”. It was produced with some assistance from fellow French artist DJ Falcon. The song starts with official NASA recordings of astronaut Gene Cernan, describing his encounter during apollo 17 with something that could be seen as an UFO, and begins an epic buildup that explodes in a cathartic crescendo! This song should be a treat if they perform it live on their next tour.

With that, I give you the current corner track of the week, Daft Punk’s “Contact”.


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