Beware…of laptop face!


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Last week I watched the movie Her, which is FANTASTIC in case you were wondering, and it got me thinking about the ubiquitousness of computers today.

They have succeeded in seeping into every aspect of our lives…every single one!

Take smartphones today, which are little more than mini computers in our pockets. Its amazing to actually see how many gadgets they have replaced, and in such a short time!


most of these are endangered species thanks to your smartphone!

In the world of DJ’ing, laptops have now become almost standard in the booths now. Whether its for housing your music, using DJ or production software, or becoming your all-in-one device for house parties.

Now it may look cool to sip your latte while browsing facebook, well kinda cool, it certainly doesn’t translate well on stage when the DJ is staring blankly at the screen of their laptop rather than at the crowd. This syndrome, known as laptop face or “serato face”, can be deadly if contracted and may become contagious to other DJ’s.

To all the DJ’s out there, heed my warnings, look at the crowd as often as you can and on your laptop as little as possible. I know that the laptop has many pretty pictures and audio waveforms but its kinda distracting when the party is rocking and it looks like you’re checking your email!

To all the party goers out there, hear me when I say that we don’t mean to do this. We don’t mean to hog up our time on the  laptop screen, its just that for some DJ’s, especially the beginning ones, we are still finding our groove and we don’t know better. We think that there is something on the screen that can help us when in reality its the look on your faces and your reactions on the dance floor that can help us the most.

To avoid future laptop face, I present to you a gallery most peculiar and strange. As you can see, it can happen to the best of us! Don’t follow these examples…













(pics taken from Tumblr’s “Serato Face” page)


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